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Features of Bikroyik pharma At a Glance


At a glance Track your business by reports of sales,expenses,top sellers and top selling

  • Keep Track of daily sales

  • Due On the date

  • Expenses Today

  • Purchases Today

Point Of Sales(POS)

Can create multiple counters in a shop and sell/maintain your products through them.

Product Management

Manage all products precisely and securely with our pharmacy system including generic name, pack size and weight. This system helps keep product information, data secure and accessible to authorized users only.

  • Create new products
  • Add new categhory
  • set leaf size
  • Create New Stock

Customer Management

Collect your customer information, verify customer loyalty and provide maximum customer service.

  • Create new customers
  • Keep Track of their dues and deposits
  • keep track of the relationship with customer

Supplier Management

manage Your Suppliers and track the relation with suppliers

  • Keep Records of Supplier Transactoins
  • Get Supplierbased Purchase Reports

Sales Management

Keep track of sales and mange inventory aaccording to sales

  • Daily sales
  • Keep Track of sales

  • return sales if needed

  • keep track of sales return

Purchase Management

  • New Purchases

  • Make changes in purchase if needed

  • make Purchase Return

  • Manage Prchase Returns

Stock Management

To avoid difficulty in managing deadstock and expired drugs, our system maintains expiration-date-based sales. Medicines with nearer expiry dates will be reserved for sale at the front and those with later expiry dates will be kept at the back.

  • Separate Stocks For Warehouse and Sotre
  • stocks accoording to batches
  • Keep Track of Low stock in Store and Warehouse
  • keep track of Expired Product in Warehouse and Store


Get actionable settings with real-time reporting capabilities. Create reports as per your needs.

  • Reports of sales accrding to product or employee
  • Sales Return and Due-Reports
  • Product-In reports
  • Deposit Reports

Expense Management

  • Add Expenses
  • teep track of expenses according to store or overall

Discount Management

Discounts help to get repeat customers and develop more business. Multiple discounts and coupons are easy to use through our POS system.

Role based USer

    Differnt roles for differnt users makes the system smart about giving permissions to the user to access differnt modules